Steve was a mainstay on the North Carolina News Network before becoming an integral part of the PRN broadcast team.

Steve, the garage reporter on PRN broadcasts, has the tough job of interviewing drivers after they drop out of the races. Steve has unique talent of getting drivers to talk right after they have just crashed and get the real story. 

You can also hear Steve as the producer and occasional host of PRN's Garage Pass. Steve is avid Baltimore Orioles fan, antique collector and was recently married. Steve and his wife Michelle live in the Charlotte area.

This or That

Summer or Winter?   Definitely Summer!

Chocolate or Vanilla?   Absolutely Chocolate!

Batman or Superman?  Biff! Whamp! Pow! Batman!

Comedy or Horror?  Always Comedies!

Hamburgers or Hotdogs?  Hamburgers at home…Hotdogs at the ballpark!

Mac or PC?  Right now, PC…but there IS a Mac in my future.

Aquarium or Zoo?  Aquarium. I love seafood!

Super Strength or Super Intelligence?  Super Intelligence…it's easier to make money!

Dogs or Cats?  We love Dogs…but I’m a cat person.

Pancake or Waffles?  Both!