After spending most of the 1990's working in rock radio in Dallas/Fort Worth, Brad turned his lifelong passion for motorsports into a job at Texas Motor Speedway where he currently hosts his own syndicated radio show, Texas Motor Speedway’s Total Access. Total Access is currently heard in 10 states on over 60 radio stations and growing.

Brad started working as a Pit Reporter for PRN in 2006, and enjoys spending time on the road with his second family at PRN.

His personal goal is to ride his motorcycle to every track that PRN broadcasts from.

Brad lives in Fort Worth with his wife Angela and three kids. His hobbies include motorcycling, mountain biking, and golf.

This or That

Summer or Winter? Summer - There's not a lot of racing in winter.

Chocolate or Vanilla? Vanilla

Batman or Superman? Batman

Comedy or Horror? Comedy

Hamburgers or Hotdogs? Hot Dogs

Mac or PC? MAC! - What's a PC?

Aquarium or Zoo? Zoo

Super Strength or Super Intelligence? Intelligence

Dogs or Cats? Dogs

Pancake or Waffles? Waffles